Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Dino Mario

What is This?
An early version of a modern game inspired by old-school Mario Brothers.

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My rambling on what it's about...
We're bombarded with amazing visuals -- the games thrown at us with the new generation of consoles boast visuals that don't only impress us, they try to blow us away. But there are only so many times we can be blown away.

I used to part of that "let's make the most flashy and hyper-realistic graphics imaginable" crowd. At one stage it was a point of pride. But these days every game is like that. The democratization of game engines has done away with any efforts we individuals might have done to distinguish ourselves.

It has become too much for me. Nowadays nostalgia does it for me. And artistry. I have seen enough. My brain has exploded too many times. Let's go back to basics. I may not be a renowned artist, but what I can do... what I can do is to make something that calls back to my childhood. And to hopefully stir memories of others who recall those days.

Let's try to capture that early Mario vibe! With a little dinosaur twist.

I just want something simple. Something to remind me of the old days. I liked Mario Brothers. I decided to make a game that had the same gameplay as old-school Mario Bros.

This is what I made... it's a cute little velociraptor trying to make sense of his world. It's simple, it's cute, and it won't try to make your brain explode.