Sunday, September 27, 2020

Legacy Projects: Real-time Strategy

Yesterday I decided to post some vids of old projects that I've not posted about or which I never posted videos of. Today I'm dumping a few vids of RTS projects I've tinkered with.

They all use my RTS framework 'Warsmith', which I've been working on for many years. My old project Zyrtuul was where the framework originated. There are 4 prototype games that use the framework. My main focus has always been the framework itself, with the game prototypes being just a side effect.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Legacy Projects: Araxxis Squadron

Because I'm a lazy blogger much of my past work was not posted, or was posted with only static screenshots and not videos. So I'm uploading some video content of old content just for fun.

This particular set is for a game called Araxxis Squadron, which I think goes back to early 2017 (maybe even 2016?). It's a crazy frantic arcade style space shooter. I actually still like this game, though it's a bit over the top and intense diving in for the first time. I think it was one of the things where as a dev you get used to it, but as a new player (or as me coming back to it) it is quite overwhelming.

Anyway, here are some videos...