Wednesday, February 20, 2019


I'm a fan of the Elder Scrolls series and wanted a project where I could just experiment freely (despite the scope obviously being way too vast). At the moment it's just a pet project where I can do what I feel like and have fun. Here are some screenshots (you can click on them to enlarge).

Silverglade Village South

Silverglade Village North. In the distance to the left you can see floating wizard towers above St Pork Knuckle Church. If you walk under the bridge to the right you arrive at a market place.

A grassy meadow in Silverglade Village.

Entrance to a small market place.

Animals grazing near a pond.

I've been toying with the idea of having an oil painting effect to give the game a more unique look. This is one variant.

A slightly more extreme variant of the experimental oil paint look.

Introductory text displayed at the start of the game inside the Adventurers Guild.

I've enjoyed working on the lore of the game. The game contains 21 books so far. Each book typically is about 4-10 pages long.

Chaos in the battle arena. You can choose which animals, monsters or characters to pit against one another. I chose to throw in cows, wild boars and some monsters ('void scuttlers' and 'rip friends'). It was a noisy and bloody affair.

I have a full Elder Scrolls style character creator in place. It is built on top of something called the UMA framework.

Another screenshot of the character creator.

Floating in the sky is the 'World Engine', which allows the player to do things like change time of day, weather conditions (rain, lightning storm, snow storm etc), wind strength, moon phase or even to enable the aurora / polar lights effect.

It's a book!