Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Surreal Landscape Demo Using D3D11.

Much of my technical work in the last few years has been focused on work projects. Although I've been doing some casual dev at home, a fair bit has been me experimenting with making simple casual games like Shroomsters and Death Arena.

I recently registered on the "Make Games SA" site and chatted to a few people on the forums and showed them Shroomsters. One comment really got me thinking, and that was that, given my background, it wasn't quite what they would have expected from me. Looking at some of my recent technical work, specifically at a D3D11 engine I developed last year (and a bit earlier this year), I realized that it had the potential to make a decent tech demo, if only I started focusing more on the end result and less on the architecture and technical / academic aspects of it.

The engine was previously called Paradox, though I've had to abandon the name now, as another engine (a D3D11-based C# engine) has emerged with the same name. Also, apparently a team in the demoscene in the 90's had the same name as well.

I haven't chosen a new name for the engine, though at this point I don't think its necessary, since it is turning into more of a demo (and potential game... maaaaaybe). The demo will be called Clarion (for reasons that I won't go into now, but there is a story to it).

Right now I'm only about 3 weeks in, but I've made some decent progress. Here are some screenshots of the current version. I'll release more soon.

Edit: the name Clarion is apparently also taken! I suppose all the good names are. Oh well, I'll think of something.