Saturday, January 28, 2017

Araxxis Squadron

My real-time strategy Zyrtuul was probably my favourite project. However, over time I came to realize that the scope of it was too large and that, as a result, it was unlikely to ever reach completion. So I decided to cut my losses and put it on hold indefinitely.

Out of the ashes rose a new, simpler game, Araxxis Squadron. I had put in so much work on Zyrtuul, and didn't want to let all of that time and effort go to waste. So I salvaged the game and decided to convert it into something new.

This new game is called Araxxis Squadron -- Into Legend. It has the feel of an old-school arcade space shooter, but there are also strategic elements, in that you have to penetrate the enemy's base to destroy their outpost core. So it feels like what you'd get if you took the old Asteroids or Space Invaders games, and added in strategy elements.