Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zyrtuul Screenshots.

I put a lot of work into a new pet project toward the end of last year -- a real-time strategy game that is currently going by the name Zyrtuul. I took a break for a few months but recently decided to do some more work on it.

I've added various new vehicle types. At the moment I'm focusing on getting the art in and looking good rather than on implementing specific vehicle capabilities. I quite like the new harvester. As it gathers red suphur (visible in one of the screenshots, the red stuff on the ground) a heap of red sulphur gradually grows on the back of the vehicle, until it is full.

I'm experimenting with a darker, more grim sci-fi look. I've taken out the trees and water and have put in rocks and lava instead. I've also removed the grass terrain textures and replaced them with dark rock / dirt textures. The look I'm going for is that of a barren planet. To further promote that atmosphere, I've subdued the lighting and given it a bluish tinge. The vehicles themselves are quite detailed, and when combat happens there tends to be a lot happening on screen, so I thought it best to keep the terrain dark and unobtrusive.